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The best, most reliable & most efficient tank removal and installation contractor in Maryland

Second generation fuel tank removal contractor, we have over 25 years experience in the Heating Oil Tank Industry and we apply that experience to every job we do. We offer fast same day estimates & proposals to get you the information you need right away to make a decision.


Selling your house? Buying a house? Do you have a buried tank? Don’t know if you have a buried tank? Call the experts at GreenTRAX, Inc. We specialize in residential oil tank removals. Most commonly, residential heating oil tanks range in size from 275 gallon up to 1,000 gallon. With the most common residential size being a 550 gallon. We have seen just about every situation you can imagine and when other companies say “that tank cannot be removed” GreenTRAX, Inc. says no problem, we can handle it.


For our commercial clients we have removed fuel, oil & gasoline tanks as small as 150 gallon and large as 10,000 gallon and every size in between.

We Handle Everything

We can often supply estimates/proposals the same day using technology to our advantage!

We Notify Miss Utility, obtain permits, schedule inspectors, perform quality and efficient work, obtain clean backfill dirt no matter where the job is located, provide professional closure reports, obtain well water samples, obtain soil samples, and assist you with the entire process. In the event the MDE requires additional work after the fact, we are still able to handle this for you.

City of Annapolis Experts

This City of Annapolis is different from any other location in Maryland. They have their own tank dept. and permit process and requirements. And the City of Annapolis presents its own challenges with Historic areas, tight working conditions, no/little parking, small basements, hidden tanks and many other things that are specific to Annapolis. Our family has performed more tank removals, abandonments and installations than any other single company in the City of Annapolis in the last 20 years. Call GreenTRAX, Inc. and speak with the experts today!


We work with hundreds of real estate agents, brokers, Home inspectors and Title companies. It is quite common for us to perform tank work around the sale of a home. We are here to help and walk you through the process. We can speak with you, your buyers, sellers, the insurance company, title company and will answer everyone’s questions. We are quite used to dealing with multiple parties and can help ease everyone’s nerves. You have enough to worry about, so don’t worry about the oil tank, GreenTRAX, Inc. will handle it.

If you have a house with a buried oil tank that is no longer in use, the Maryland Dept. of the Environment requires this tank be removed or properly abandoned by a licensed contractor.

Selling your house?

Most buyers today will NOT purchase a house with an old buried oil tank, especially one that is over 20 years old. If the tank is no longer in use it must be removed prior to settlement. Most of the time it falls back on the seller of the property to have the buried oil tank dealt with Prior to settlement. Did you know that more and more nowadays that banks/mortgage companies and also home insurance companies will not let a buyer go to settlement on a house that has a buried oil tank.

We work with buyers & sellers everyday, and we will work with your real estate agents & title companies to complete the job BEFORE settlement and get you all the required paperwork you need to go to closing. In some cases we can offer you no money down, no money out of pocket.

Quick settlement date? In over 25 years we have never had a settlement/closing on a house delayed because they were waiting on us. We are very good at working with tight deadlines and getting things done on time & before settlement.

Areas We

We are centrally located in Maryland and that allows us to service a large portion of Maryland. Our primary service area includes the following counties: Anne Arundel including the City of Annapolis, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Harford, Calvert & more.

However our service area for fuel tank work includes most of Maryland whether you need us for your home or for your business property. 


Can I just cut off the pipes sticking out of the ground and forget about the tank?.

BAD IDEA.  A buried oil tank is one of the items you MUST Disclose to potential buyers. We have seen bad things happen when people try to hide the fact they have an underground oil tank. Such as contaminating a neighbor’s well water, oil leaking through the foundation wall or getting into the drain tile around the house and into the sump pump basin, which in turn the sump pump will pump the oil contaminated water back out into the yard and spread the contamination further. Don’t risk getting sued for doing something illegal. It is always better for everyone involved to deal with the tank properly. 


Above ground oil tank

Aboveground Tank Installation and Removal

excavated rusted ungerground oil tank, GreenTRAX, Inc., Maryland heating oil storage tank installation and removal

Underground Tank Installation and Removal


Underground Tank Abandonment

What our
customers say:

“These guys are great, smooth process from beginning to end! Great communication, keeping the buyer, realtor, seller’s agent, and Title company well informed throughout the entire process! Thank you!”
-Steven Carter
“I had GreenTRAX, Inc. remove my oil tank. They were quick and efficient. The price quoted is what I paid also. Very happy with the service.”

Facts About Oil Tanks

  • The average life of an underground storage tank is 20 years.
  • MDE requirements state any underground storage tank has to be removed/abandoned by a licensed tank remover.
  • After a tank is taken out of service (you stop using it), MDE says that the tank must be removed within 180 days.
  • If you are selling your home it is better to call us before you get a contract on the house.
  • If you are buying a house – some banks, mortgage companies & insurance companies will require that the tank be removed prior to settlement.
  • Some insurance companies will also not renew your policy if you have an old underground tank.
  •  Most plumbing & HVAC companies are not licensed UST removers or installers.
  • Even if you have a UST under your house, addition, garage, carport or patio we can still properly and legally abandon your tank.
  • If you had a tank abandoned illegally many years ago, it is still possible have a leaking tank. You could still be held responsible for removal of the tank and any contaminated soil remediation.

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is cancelling the reimbursement fund for homeowners with leaking heating oil tanks!

This cancellation takes effect June 30th, 2024. You need to have your buried oil tank removed NOW, so if the tank is leaking you can get reimbursed for remediation costs before the program goes away. Click here for more information on the reimbursement fund as it operates now.

We urge everyone to contact their representatives in Annapolis and the Governors office and tell them DO NOT cancel the homeowner reimbursement fund for leaking residential oil tanks! They can still renew this program before this year’s legislative session ends.

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