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What makes my underground storage tank (UST) commercial Vs. residential?

commercial or residential heating oil tank

Regardless of where a tank is located be it a residential property, commercial, industrial or agricultural property, if the Underground tank is OVER 1,100 gallons in size it is considered a commercial tank. However, if the underground tank is located at ANY commercial or industrial business, regardless of the size of the tank, it is […]

Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill?

Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill

Today we will discuss a lighter topic; it’s a question we get from time to time.Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill? NO! That is the short answer. Heating oil, is entirely similar to diesel fuel for vehicles. It is just dyed a red color. Cooking your food in a container […]

I am converting to a new source of heat. Now what?

converting from oil to natural gas

So, you may have had an oil tank for many years now you are converting from oil to natural gas, propane or electric and don’t know what to do with the old oil tank, be it underground or above ground. The simplest solution is to give us a call. We know how to handle tanks […]

I Bought a House with an Underground Oil Tank. What Now?

underground oil tank

Buying a house comes with its fair share of risks, but an improperly handled underground tank can be one of the biggest. A buried heating oil, diesel fuel, or gasoline tank is particularly risky, due to the environmental liability it can cause for your environment. As a buyer, a buried underground oil tank is different […]

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