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Never build an addition on top of a buried oil tank!

buried oil tank

What an exciting time! You’ve saved up the money, found your contractor, picked out the interior finishes, and you are finally ready to get started on building that long-awaited addition to your house. Wait a second! You have an old buried oil tank below where your new state-of-the-art entertainment center will be. Your contractor says […]

I Am Getting Ready to Sell my House, What Do I Need to Know?

old rusted oil tank being removed from ground

We know selling your home can be a stressful time, but GreenTRAX is here to help take 1 more thing off your plate, and make 1 big buyer concern go away. We’re here to handle your buried oil tank. Did you know most buyers today will NOT purchase a home with a buried heating oil […]

How long will heating oil fuel tanks last?

Maryland Underground Oil Tank removal company

Today we will look at a topic we get asked frequently: “How long will my heating oil fuel tank last?” The short answer is 20 years, but are we talking about an aboveground tank, or an underground tank? First, we’ll start with underground tanks. The longevity of a UST (Underground storage tank) depends on many […]

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