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Can fuel tanks explode in hot weather?

can heating tanks explode in hot weather

Can fuel tanks explode in hot weather? This may sound like an odd question, but it is one that gets asked from time to time. We will restrict this conversation to the Maryland area and to residential home heating oil tanks. The short answer is NO – your fuel tank will NOT explode in hot […]

What are heating oil tanks made from?

what are heating oil tanks made from

What are heating oil tanks made from? Most heating oil tanks, gasoline tanks, kerosene tanks and waste oil tanks are made from steel. If we are talking about underground, or buried, fuel tanks there are some additional possibilities about the construction of the tank. For residential buried tanks in Maryland, most tanks were installed many […]

What sizes do heating oil tanks come in?

Oil tank close up

**NOTE: It is possible that a piece of information in this previously posted blog may have changed due to manufacturer warranty changes, therefor any reference to a 10-year warranty on basic Granby tanks is no longer accurate. The new warranty period on basic single wall tanks is 1 or 3 years depending on installation method. […]

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