Buried Oils Tanks in Pikesville, MD

MDE Homeowner Reimbursement Fund

A Bit About Pikesville, MD Pikesville, MD is located in Baltimore County, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore City. It has a population of just over 32,000 people and approximately 15,000 households (that’s a lot of potential oil tanks). Pikesville, or some people may say Baltimore, does indeed have a fair share of buried oil tanks. […]

Removal of Heating Oil Tanks in Baltimore County

MDE Homeowner Reimbursement Fund

Heating Oil Storage Tanks in Baltimore County Did you know that many neighborhoods of Baltimore County, MD still heating their home with heating oil? That requires a tank to hold the heating oil. Unlike natural gas, there are no distributions from a central facility via pipes to deliver home heating fuel to residential properties. Either […]

Broken Vent Pipe on My Buried Oil Tank

ust Underground storage tank

So, the oil company said they will not deliver oil to your tank anymore because you have a broken vent pipe? What to do now? Well, your first call should be to GreenTRAX 410-439-1085. We can help you and explain your options based on your situation. Broken Whistle on Underground Tank Are you thinking “they […]