Oil Tank Removal in Potomac, MD

Potomac River

Humble Beginnings of Potomac, MD Potomac is one of Maryland’s most beautiful cities. Originally, the city was known as Offutt’s Crossroads after its first settler, Edward Offutt. With only a meager 600-acre area, or less than one square mile, Offutt was granted the land by Lord Baltimore in the early 1700s. Throughout the century, Offutt, […]

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks in Arnold, MD

A bit about Arnold, MD Arnold, MD is a smaller city in Maryland, but it still has plenty of buried oil tanks. The city is a suburb of Annapolis (the unofficial buried oil tank capital of Maryland), so it’s no surprise that plenty of homes in Arnold are heated with oil. Arnold has a population […]

Oil Tanks in Severn, MD

oil tank in a basement

Severn, Maryland. The zip code of 21144 is located in Anne Arundel County. Has a population of about 56,000 and an average home value of over $375,000. Severn is a great location being close to Fort Meade & NSA. It is estimated that over ¼ of the houses in this area are used as rentals. […]

Top 4 Oil Storage Tank Tips for Maryland Realtors

underground tank

Discovering an old Underground Storage Tank (UST) on a property can create headaches for the sellers, buyers, and real estate agents alike. Older versions of these tanks present an environmental hazard. If the tank is no longer in use, it must be removed or properly abandoned by a Maryland Department of Energy (MDE) approved contractor […]