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Act NOW Before You Lose Thousands Of Dollars For Your Buried Oil Tank

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Attention all Maryland homeowners with an underground heating oil tank!

Your governor, your representatives in the State Legislature in Annapolis, and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) are in the process of hurting the environment and further penalizing homeowners by taking away a very successful, 20-year long program. 

This program is the Homeowner Reimbursement Fund, which you can read more about here. In short, the MDE has had for over 20 years a reimbursement fund that would reimburse residential property owners for their out-of-pocket expenses when they had a leaking oil tank. 

In 2022, the MDE made changes to this program that reduced the amount homeowners could request for a reimbursement. Now, just two years later in 2024, the MDE is recommending the program be canceled. Your governor and your representatives are happy to allow this to happen. Well, we here at Greentrax, Inc. wholeheartedly disagree with this. 

The Homeowners Reimbursement Fund (or HRF for short) is not funded by taxpayer money. It is funded by a small tax on barrels of oil transferred into the state, and a portion of that tax is diverted to this HRF program. 

Now (as of this writing in early March 2024) the MDE is increasing the tax on oil companies who import oil into Maryland but they want to cancel the reimbursement program – what gives?! This doesn’t sound right! You are getting more money into the department BUT canceling a very successful highly needed program that helps homeowners? I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t sound right to me! 

What Do If You’re Reading This Before April 1st, 2024

If you are reading this blog before April 1st 2024, we urge you to contact the governor’s office and your state representatives and tell them “Do not cancel this reimbursement program.” In case they ask, the official name of the program is the Residential Heating Oil Tank System Site Rehabilitation Reimbursement Program.

In case the program gets canceled, which will likely happen without more people calling, you’ll want to be proactive about dealing with your oil tank. Be sure to call us to schedule your buried oil tank removal at (410) 439-1085.

What To Do If You’re Reading This After April 1st, 2024

If you are reading this blog after April 1st, and you have a buried heating oil tank, call GreenTRAX, Inc. to schedule your buried oil tank removal now. The deadline to submit applications for reimbursement is June 30th, 2024. 

We will handle the process for you and give you everything you need to mail the application. If you have a buried heating oil tank and it is leaking, you can get a percentage of the money back that you’ll spend on the cleanup and remediation costs. 

We have worked with this program for over 20 years and have submitted hundreds and hundreds of applications for our clients. We have been in the oil tank industry for 30 years. We have removed thousands and thousands of residential buried oil tanks. We have the knowledge, expertise, and efficiency to be the only call you want to make for your tank removal. 

We want to make you aware as well this HRF program also covers owners with leaking aboveground heating oil tanks. For example, if you have a 275-gallon oil tank aboveground outside and it is leaking, you will also qualify for reimbursement under the program rules. GreenTRAX, Inc. can help you with the tank removal, replacement and required soil remediation & testing.

What To Know About Handling A Leaking Oil Tank

One of the most important reasons for not wanting this program canceled is that it helps ensure homeowners do the right thing and perform the MDE required remediation when a tank leaks. 

To make sure you’re prepared regardless of the action the MDE takes, here is a short synopsis of what happens when you have a leaking oil tank:

  1. Once we test the soil onsite and find the tank is leaking, we notify the MDE of the leak
  2. There is a standard protocol we have to follow 
  3. The contaminated soil has to be dug out and piled up for hauling and disposal on another day
  4. The soil is tested onsite and also at the laboratory 
  5. We check the house for oil smell and make sure there is no oil coming thru walls or no oil in the sump pump basin
  6. If you have a potable water well on the property, it is required we perform a well test to make sure the well is not impacted. This can happen even if the well is far away from tank location
  7. We will backfill the excavation with clean fill dirt and spread grass seed and straw
  8. We cover the contaminated stockpile with plastic, then come back another day to pick up this dirt and haul it away once we have approval for the disposal 
  9. We put together a closure package for all the work we performed
  10. We fill out the HRF application for you and give you instructions on what you need to do to complete the process
  11. The MDE will reimburse you for a percentage of the money you spend

While the process can and does cost several thousand dollars, normal homeowner cleanups never cost anywhere near the nightmare stories you may read online. Most jobs are completed for a total cost of under $10,000, including the oil tank removal. As a note, the state will not reimburse you for the new oil tank installation. 

Let GreenTRAX Help With Your Tank Removal

Call Greentrax today at (410) 439-1085 or send us a message to get your quick, no-hassle proposal for tank removal and get the process started and your application in line for reimbursement.

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is cancelling the reimbursement fund for homeowners with leaking heating oil tanks!

This cancellation takes effect June 30th, 2024. You need to have your buried oil tank removed NOW, so if the tank is leaking you can get reimbursed for remediation costs before the program goes away. Click here for more information on the reimbursement fund as it operates now.

We urge everyone to contact their representatives in Annapolis and the Governors office and tell them DO NOT cancel the homeowner reimbursement fund for leaking residential oil tanks! They can still renew this program before this year’s legislative session ends.

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