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Oil Tank Information For Real Estate Agents, Homebuyers And Sellers in Maryland

Oil Tank Information

When it comes to heating oil & gasoline tanks, GreenTrax is here to provide good, helpful, and important information to all parties involved when a property is being bought, sold, transferred, or experiencing other change in ownership.  In this blog, we’ll be going over 10,000-foot view topics and rules, guidelines, and basic information. As always, […]

A Few Surprising Stats About Underground Oil Tanks in Monkton, MD

Underground Oil Tanks in Monkton

Monkton, Maryland. A fine place to live to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Baltimore and Annapolis and those crowded suburban areas. The zip code for Monkton is 21111. It’s a sizable area, with approximately 35 square miles that are mostly rural, though with a scattering of some more […]

What It Takes To Legally Fill An Oil Tank In Place

fill an oil tank

Today I’ll be talking about the process of filling oil tanks in place, otherwise known as a tank abandonment in place. We have touched on this subject before in a prior blog, but we wanted to revisit this topic because questions come up all the time from Maryland homeowners like yourself.  First and foremost, abandoning […]

Need-To-Know Info About Heating Oil Tanks For Upper Marlboro, MD Residents

Heating Oil Tanks For Upper Marlboro

Hello, blog readers. Today we are discussing a location in Maryland in Prince George’s County and my favorite topic, of course: heating oil tanks, both underground and aboveground. We’re here to tell you what you need to know about them and how to handle them. Before we dive in, let’s cover a little bit of […]

You Asked, We Answered: FAQs About Handling Your Out-Of-Use Heating Oil Tanks

Out-Of-Use Heating Oil Tanks

Not sure what to do with that out-of-use heating oil tank? We got you covered. These tanks can be a real headache, but luckily, dealing with them is what we do best at GreenTRAX.  With over 25 years of experience under our belts, we’re the go-to folks for safely handling these tanks in Maryland. In […]

Act NOW Before You Lose Thousands Of Dollars For Your Buried Oil Tank

underground storage tank in crawlspace

**ATTENTION** Some information on this page has changed** Effective July 1, 2024. The MDE homeowner reimbursement fund is no longer in effect and has been cancelled by the legislature in Annapolis  & the Wes Moore Administration. There is no longer any reimbursement fund. However it is still state law that any buried oil tank that […]

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