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Can fuel tanks be repaired?

underground tank removal
can fuel tanks be repaired

GreenTRAX gets calls frequently about repairing fuel tanks, heating oil tanks, and gasoline tanks asking “can fuel tanks be repaired?”. People want to know if they can fix or repair their tanks, the short answer is SOMETIMES. Many commercial tanks can certainly be repaired and there are companies that specialize in such things, but for the purpose of this blog we will stick with residential tanks.

When Should You Repair an Aboveground Storage Tank?

So, if you have an aboveground tank (AST) for heating oil outside, in your basement, or garage and you have a problem with it then yes, it can be repaired. Some problems with aboveground tanks could be a whistle vent that is not functioning, a broken fuel gauge, sludge build up, a clogged copper supply line, water in the tank, or bad tank valve. As a rule of thumb, tanks last about 20 years, so if your AST has a problem and it is less than 20 years old then yes you should have it repaired. GreenTRAX can assist you with this.

Can Underground Storage Tanks Be Repaired?

If you have a buried heating oil (UST) tank and want it repaired, the answer is MAYBE, but the question you need to ask is, SHOULD I? If your underground tank has a problem, then frequently this is the first sign that the tank may need attention. There could be underlying factors that are causing the problem and this may be the indicator that it is time to have GreenTRAX remove your tank and replace it with a new one. If the tank is less than 20 years old, a random part failure is always a possibility, so it can be hand dug to the top of the tank and a repair can be attempted.

When Should You Remove the Oil Tank Altogether?

If the tank is MORE than 20 years old we NEVER recommend customers spend money on repairing a tank that is BEYOND it’s useful lifespan, because often you will be throwing good money away. For instance if the whistle stopped working on the tank when the oil company fills the tank, this is usually a sign of significant rust, corrosion, or deterioration and the tank is telling you it is time to remove it.

So, after reading this and learning the answer to your question “can fuel tanks be repaired?” and before you plan to try and buy parts yourself and attempt to fix the tank, call GreenTRAX and let us see what the problem is and find the best solution for you. We’ll be able to handle any of your oil tank issues whether you need repairs or a fresh installation.

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