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Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill?

Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill

Today we will discuss a lighter topic; it’s a question we get from time to time.
Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill?


That is the short answer.

Can I turn my old aboveground oil tank into a grill

Heating oil, is entirely similar to diesel fuel for vehicles. It is just dyed a red color. Cooking your food in a container that used to store diesel fuel will produce less than ideal results to say the least. No one wants a burger that tastes like a truck stop.

Most of the time the tank has been used for many years and the oil will actually become ingrained in the metal inside the tank. So, when you cut the tank in half and start to cook on it, you will still be burning the petroleum and all those nasty chemicals that are added to heating oil. This can then be transferred to your food.

Problems with turning aboveground oil tanks into grills.

The first problem you have to deal with after you stop using your tank is you have to get the oil pumped out and PROPERLY disposed of. Otherwise, you run the risk of environmental contamination for you, your family, and even your neighbors.

The second problem is you have to deal with all of the sludge that is built up in the bottom of the tank. That is the harder part if your trying to do this yourself. Getting rid of all of that sludge is no small feat. That is why it is best to have a professional company such as GreenTRAX do this for you and haul the tank away when done. We’ll make sure all that nasty stuff gets disposed of safely and legally.

Need a New Tank for Your Grill?

GreenTRAX can sell you a brand new tank and we have many sizes large and small if you really want to make your own grill. An oil tank grill can be a nice addition to a backyard barbeque, so use a new tank, and taste those mesquite wood chips instead of gasoline.

Bottom line is why risk the health and safety of yourself, your friends, family or clients in order to save a few bucks on a grill? If you are that serious of a grill master, don’t take chances with a used oil tank, buy something new. GreenTRAX can help you with that.

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