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A Heating Oil Tank Guide for Realtors, Owners & Home Inspectors

Heating Oil Tank

Is there a heating oil tank at your home, a home you’re selling, or a home you’re inspecting? We here at Greentrax, Inc. are sharing this essential heating oil tank guide today to help real estate professionals, property owners and home inspectors better assess their oil tank situation. How To Know If There Is A […]

Short Notice Tank Removal

Short Notice Tank Removal

Good day. We wanted to share with you a recent conversation GreenTRAX had with a customer about a short notice tank removal.  By seeing what other customers deal with in terms of removing their heating oil tanks, we hope this will help you in making your own decision.  Let me set the scene. It’s a […]

12 Common Myths About Heating Oil Tanks

Myth #1 – I will know if my oil tank starts leaking because I will use more oil, right? No one ever knows when their tank is leaking.  The only exceptions are: if the tank gets filled one day, then 2 days later the oil is gone. That is BAD and usually means a very […]

Buying a House with an Abandoned Oil Tank

can fuel tanks rust

So you’re buying a house with an abandoned oil tank. You just put an offer on a house and you already have a contract. So what does that mean for you? Well maybe not much BUT probably A LOT!  Things to Know About Abandoned Oil Tanks Closure Packet The first question is, do they have […]

Buying a House with an Oil Tank in 2021

Heating oil tank being lifted by an excavator

So, you’re buying a house with an oil tank and you’ve got question. Well, you came to the right place. What to Know When Buying a House with an Oil Tank First and foremost, if you are buying or selling a house and the heating oil tank is underground, do NOT waste money on a […]

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