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Underground Storage Tank

Are you buying a house? Are you selling your current home?

In many cases, having the tank removed is the simpler AND LESS EXPENSIVE way to ensure compliance. However, for some homeowners, underground storage tank abandonment may be a better fit.To ensure the job is handled legally and safely, you need GreenTRAX, Inc. on your side. We have a long history of compliant underground storage tank abandonment jobs throughout Maryland and we can lend our expertise to you as well. Most of the time when someone tells you they abandoned the tank, they mean they stopped using it and just left it as is where it is. This is not a proper legal abandonment, call GreenTRAX, Inc. to help you with this process. 


My friend said I can just dump sand in the fill pipe, is that OK?

NO. That doesn’t remove the oil and sludge, and the tank can still leak. Even if you “ran the tank out of oil” that still leaves all of the sludge in the bottom of the tank and the tank still needs to be cleaned. Also there is no way to know if the tank is already leaking unless the soil below the tank is checked.

The tank is below some portion of the house so I don’t have to do anything with it right?

NO.  The tank still needs to be abandoned or removed, so let the experts at GreenTRAX, Inc. help you. We can deal with his for you, we have properly dealt with many tanks other contractor say they cant.

Tank Abandonment Process

When we perform a tank abandonment, we will dig down to the tank, cut it open, clean it out, and properly dispose of all the sludge and liquid product. We are then able to check the soil below the tank with a PID meter to be able to tell you immediately if the tank has leaked or not and we also take a soil sample below the tank bottom and send it to a lab to be analyzed. If the soil is clean we will then fill the tank in with an appropriate material and backfill the hole. We will provide a closure packet with all required paperwork to prove it is done properly and legally.


abandoned oil tank

Abandonment in Progress

Abandonment Complete

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