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Granby Oil Tanks at GreenTRAX

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**NOTE: It is possible that a piece of information in this previously posted blog may have changed due to manufacturer warranty changes, therefor any reference to a 10-year warranty on basic Granby tanks is no longer accurate. The new warranty period on basic single wall tanks is 1 or 3 years depending on installation method. Note this does NOT effect 20, 25 or 30 year warranty tanks they are the same as stated.**

Granby is one of our favorite oil tank manufacturers here at GreenTRAX. They are reliable, safe, and offer superior performance. Here’s a rundown of why we use Granby oil tanks.

They offer 4 different warranty options 10 year, 20 year, 25 year, & 30 year. Granby’s basic 10 year warranty model tank is the standard in the industry and is the most widely used residential heating oil tank in Maryland. 

Granby also offers 8 different aboveground capacity options & with several options in vertical, horizontal and cylindrical tank configurations. 

The vertical tank capacity options are as follows (in Gallons): 120, 138, 220, 240, 275 & 330.

The horizontal tank (flat tank) options are: 138, 240, 375 & 330 gallon.

The cylindrical tank options are: 300, 500 and 1,000 gallon.

Granby Upgraded Tanks

Granby equips their upgraded tanks (25 & 30 year warranties) such as the Ecogard & Ecoplus series tanks with a double bottom, which they developed in cooperation with the Steel Tank Institute. It covers 100% of the area that normally corrodes, giving it extra protection. If corrosion or leakage does occur, the double bottom will catch the leak and secure it while simultaneously signaling to the homeowner that the leak has occurred. Inside the tank, there is a float system that activates as the secondary bottom becomes filled with liquid. The top of the float is bright red and signals to the homeowner that there is a leak in the primary tank.


Anti-Corrosion Coating

The paint or powder coatings used in Granby tanks also helps to cut down on condensation, further reducing the risk of corrosion. The use of the double bottom, and the exterior coating to prevent corrosion, make Granby tanks very reliable and attractive to homeowners and installers alike.

Granby Tanks are UL Certified

They come with options in UL80 & UL142. UL stands for Underwriter’s Laboratories and they put their certification on products that could potentially cause harm to the user but have been deemed safe. They are the governing body that determines the safety standards for electronics and other household products. Granby seeks these certifications because of the assumed danger of housing an oil tank. It is a way for Granby to prove to consumers that their products are safe. Not only does their in-house quality control department deem their products safe, but so does the Underwriter’s Laboratories. 

Guaranteed Quality

Granby backs its oil tanks with 10-to-30-year warranties, depending on the model of the tank. They stand by what they sell and are dedicated to quality and superior performance. Granby tests every tank twice and scrutinizes with extremely high-quality control standards before putting the double bottom on the 25 & 30 year tanks. Once they attach the double bottom, they test the tank a third time. 

After the workers have put on the double bottom and tested the tank’s integrity, they then apply all of the fittings and hardware by hand. Granby’s highly trained crew places each of these with precision and care.

Granby ships their tanks individually wrapped to ensure safe transport and then it arrives to you in the exact condition it left their plant.

Installation by GreenTRAX

Granby has a few models specifically graded for underground use. GreenTRAX never installs above-ground tanks underground, as they are not rated for underground installation. Granby does make several underground tanks starting with a 300 gallon, a 500 gallon, and finally a 1,000 gallon. These underground tanks come with a 3 year warranty. If you are looking for a longer warranty, Granby makes two underground tanks that come with a 30 year warranty in 500 & 1,000 gallon sizes. 

Aboveground Tanks

For inside versus outside installation, it really depends on your specific situation & also personal preference. GreenTrax will find the best possible place to install the new aboveground tank to fit your needs. 

Granby has been a trusted company since 1953. In the 75 years plus that they’ve been in business, they have proved time and again that their products have superior quality and outperform most of the competition. GreenTRAX is proud to be a supplier an installer of Granby tanks. Contact us to see if this is the right tank for you. 410-439-1085

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