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I need a new aboveground heating oil tank what are my options?

above ground storage tank

**NOTE: It is possible that a piece of information in this previously posted blog may have changed due to manufacturer warranty changes, therefor any reference to a 10-year warranty on basic Granby tanks is no longer accurate. The new warranty period on basic single wall tanks is 1 or 3 years depending on installation method. Note this does NOT effect 20, 25 or 30 year warranty tanks they are the same as stated.**

There are many considerations to make when investing in a new aboveground heating oil tank. Thankfully, your friends at GreenTRAX are here to help you figure out all of the details.

Consider the Size of your aboveground heating oil tank

The first thing to think about is the size of the tank. Just because you have an existing underground tank that is very large doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a very large aboveground tank. The oil company does not charge more money to come out more frequently.

If you have an existing aboveground tank now, it is most likely a 275 gallon size, as that is the most common size.

There are 2 main brands of ABOVEGROUND Residential heating oil tanks – GRANBY and ROTH.

GRANBY offers various sizes of tanks in gallons and they are as follows: 120, 138, 240, 275, 330, 500 and 1000.

ROTH also offers various sizes of tanks in gallons: 110, 165, 275 and 400.

Again, 275 gallon is the most common size for an aboveground heating oil tank, however if you live in an area that you know it is difficult for an oil delivery truck to reach you in the snow and you are concerned about ever running out of oil, then a larger tank makes sense for you.

Perhaps you want to install the aboveground heating oil tank in a smaller space in the basement and there just isn’t room for a 275 tank. Or, perhaps you have a limited space outside and you do not use that much oil during the heating season. You might also be in a situation where the oil heat is a backup to another heat source and you want to keep the footprint small. Then one of the smaller tank size options makes sense for you.

Most of the tanks are VERTICAL (or standing upright) BUT maybe you want to put a tank under a deck or other low headroom area? There are also HORIZONTAL (or laying flat on its side) tank options for you.

Consider the Warranty

Besides sizes, warranty options are also a factor to consider. GRANBY offers a basic tank with a standard 10 year warranty. But also offers 20, 25 and 30 year options.

Whereas ALL ROTH tanks come standard with a 30 year warranty AND $2,000,000 dollars of insurance from the manufacturer. (ROTH tanks must be installed by ROTH certified installers or the warranty is VOID) GreenTRAX is a ROTH certified installer!

Consider the Location

GreenTRAX installs tanks inside and outside regularly, however many people prefer the tank outside. This is our preference as well. The reason being is that if the tank was to ever leak, or the oil delivery driver overfills the tank by accident. Then any of the mess and smell of oil is outside and NOT in your basement or garage. You also save space in your basement by having the tank outside, and all aboveground tanks have a gauge on them to see how much oil is in the tank. So when the tank is being filled with oil, it is one more precaution against someone overfilling the tank, because they can see the gauge as it is being filled.

Call GreenTRAX today and we can help you decide which tank is right for you. 410-439-1085.

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