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Oil Tank Removal in Annapolis

Oil Tank Removal in Annapolis

Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD – The unofficial buried oil tank capital of Maryland!!! …….. Well that’s what we like to call it anyway here at GreenTRAX. 410-439-1085. Remember there is a difference between Annapolis and the City of Annapolis. We discussed in an earlier blog, the City of Annapolis (CofA) today we will discuss Annapolis, in the greater area and not the City proper. Many people who are not familiar with Annapolis think its all the “city” but this is not the case. But Annapolis is the capital of the state. So this is where the Governor lives as well as the MD Legislature conducts business.

Annapolis is a very large town and covers many communities in and around Annapolis such as: Acton’s Landing, Admiral Heights, Amberley, Anchorage, Annapolis Cove, Annapolis Landing, Annapolis Roads, Arden on the Severn, Arundel on the Bay, Atlantis, Bay Hills, Bay Highlands/Highland Beach, Bay Ridge, Belleview Estates, Bluff Point, Chesapeake Harbour, Chesapeake Landing , Eastport, Epping Forest, Fair Oaks, Ferry Farms, Fishing Creek Farm, Heritage Harbour, Hillsmere Shores, Homewood, Hunt Meadow, Kingsport, Mariners Landing, Murray Hill, Oyster Harbor, Pendennis Mount, Poplar Point, Providence, Rolling Knolls, Sherwood Forest, South River Colony, South River Landing, St. Margaret’s Landing, Stonington, The Downs on the Severn, The Meadows, Turkey Point, Wardour, West Annapolis, Wild Rose Shores.  Annapolis spans several zipcodes: 21401, 21402, 21403, 21404, 21405, 21409, 21411, 21412.

There so many heating oil tanks in Annapolis, that you can’t swing a……. well….., you get the idea. Every where you turn in every community you have buried tanks, underground oil tanks, tanks in the basement, outside heating oil tanks, garage tanks, tanks in crawlspaces, tanks under porches, additions built over UST’s, sheds on top of tanks, tanks sitting side-by-side, end to end and even tanks stacked on top of each other! We have seen every situation you can imagine. Collectively we have performed more heating oil tank removals & installations in Annapolis than anyone else in the last 20 years. We are the Annapolis tank experts!!

You need a tank removed? Call Greenrax, you need a Tank Installed? Call Greentrax, you aren’t sure if you have a tank? Call Greentrax. Home inspector found evidence of a tank? Call Greentrax. You just inherited the house and don’t even know if you have oil heat? Call Greentrax. You don’t know ANYTHING?????….. ask Google, we can’t help with that one. 

Quick facts about oil tanks. Tanks last 20 years. Almost 100% of buried tanks in Annapolis are WAY older than 20 years. So if you have a below ground heating oil tank and don’t know how old it is? Its past its useful life, that’s all you need to know. Time to get tank removed. If you have water in the tank, it is likely leaking. Just because you have an aboveground tank now doesn’t mean the property never had a buried tank, it likely did. You cannot fill the tank in yourself, that is illegal. Do not just dump sand, pea gravel in the pipe. You will just make things worse, do not listen to anyone but a licensed tank removal contractor ie. (Greentrax). A plumber, HVAC technician, oil delivery driver, oil burner service tech, or other party who does not remove and install tanks daily does NOT know the rules and will tell you wrong. You cannot just hire any plumber to fill in the tank. There is a proper procedure that has to be followed. Even if the tank is under a driveway, patio, house, garage, sidewalk, bushes or a tree it still has to be removed or PROPERLY abandoned in place. AND take soil samples with lab tests, you must be provided MORE than just a receipt/invoice for the work done. You MUST have pictures of the process, soil test results from a lab analysis, certificate of tank destruction, oil waste manifest (saying the excess oil, sludge, waste & water was properly disposed of), a write up narrative of what was done and how it was done.

New tank installations – we have a wide variety of tanks to chose from, Granby tanks, Roth tanks, various size ranges and also various warranty options. But the most common size tank by far is a 275 gallon tank. This can go outside or inside. We will install the new tank the same day as the tank removal and get your heat or hot water turned back on the same day very quickly.

We always hope your old buried tank is NOT leaking, but if it is, we are prepared to deal with it the same and we own all our own equipment & trucks and do this all the time. We have the process down to a science and will take care of the process for you efficiently and professionally.  Our professional & courteous office staff will take time answer all your questions & walk you thru the process.

Maybe you do not have a buried tank but have an aboveground tank that is old and needs removed, or removed & replaced. We can also take care of this whole thing for you. Including installing a new copper line from the new tank to the furnace and installing a new filter and connecting to the furnace/boiler or water heater. Then restart everything for you. We will haul away any of the sludge in your old tank so its not put in your brand new tank. The clean the tank out thoroughly (offsite) and make sure it is Properly disposed of.

Greentrax uses rubber track equipment to help minimize any damage to your lawn, driveway or sidewalk. We bring everything with us that we need to complete your job so we can get your project completed as efficiently as possible. So you can get back to your own work.

So, when you are ready for a proposal for the tank removal, or new installation Call GreenTRAX. 410-439-1085. We are here and ready to help you. When you work with GreenTRAX you are working with the best in the industry. We are the residential Heating Oil Tank specialists.

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is cancelling the reimbursement fund for homeowners with leaking heating oil tanks!

This cancellation takes effect June 30th, 2024. You need to have your buried oil tank removed NOW, so if the tank is leaking you can get reimbursed for remediation costs before the program goes away. Click here for more information on the reimbursement fund as it operates now.

We urge everyone to contact their representatives in Annapolis and the Governors office and tell them DO NOT cancel the homeowner reimbursement fund for leaking residential oil tanks! They can still renew this program before this year’s legislative session ends.

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