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Oil Tank Removal in Anne Arundel County

aboveground oil tank

The first settlers of present-day Anne Arundel County arrived back in 1649. Throughout the evolution of this area, there has always been the local appeal of 533 miles of serene shoreline that AA county residents enjoy both for its beauty and for its recreational appeal.

Since 1945 Underground oil tanks were routinely installed in Anne Arundel County homes. This was also the time in which Anne Arundel County tripled its population with over 70% of those AA County residents living on the South River. Any house built prior to 1975 is frequently suspected of having or having had an underground oil tank on their Anne Arundel County property.

aboveground oil tank

Many of these local homeowners still need oil tanks too. It should come as no surprise that there are still many, many households in Anne Arundel that have an existing aboveground or buried oil tank, whether functional or not.

The problem, however, is that some of these oil tanks are poorly managed or abandoned. But do you know that the poor management of these tanks’ subjects can affect the environment? To avoid these effects, there is a need for timely oil tank removal. 

Oil tanks are generally classified into two: Underground Storage Tanksand Above-ground Storage Tanks. The former are storage tanks installed underground while the latter are storage tanks installed above the ground, close to the houses.

The Consequences of Leaving Old Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks are usually easier to forget. This is because they are not in sight, and as such, it is hard to notice the leaks before it poses a huge problem.

Here are some of the things that could go wrong when you abandon old tanks:

Soil Contamination

When these leaks seep into the soil, it becomes a problem for growing crops. The harmful chemicals contained in the oil can destroy the soil and the surrounding vegetation.

Contamination of water bodies

An oil tank leak can contaminate water bodies around, making them harmful for consumption. This is especially problematic in Anne Arundel County where so many residential homes are on or near one of the many AA County rivers, like the South River, or their connected estuaries.

Air pollution (inside of the house)

When a bad oil leak occurs, it can find its way to the basement of the residence and contaminate the air. This is largely due to the compounds; It is even worse for people with underlying respiratory conditions.

Common Signs of Oil Leakage

The adverse effects of oil tank leaks can be avoided if the tanks are monitored and checked regularly. Here are some of the red flags that indicate there could be a possible oil leakage:

  • Discoloration of the soil
  • Dead vegetation
  • Strong petroleum smell
  • Leaks

When you notice the signs mentioned above and whether you know of an existing oil tank, it is advisable to call professionals to examine it, preferably Greentrax, Inc. Depending on the outcome of the inspection, they may decide to pump out the tanks immediately.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals to Remove Tanks

There are countless reasons why you need to remove old oil tanks. Besides the fact that it might be risky to keep an oil tank for long, they could also devalue your property, especially when you want to put it up for sale.

It is also important to note that old, possibly leaking tanks are like a ticking time bomb, and as such, are best handled by trained technicians. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should call experts to evacuate your old oil tanks:

  • They Know When an Abandonment in place of a Removal Is Necessary.
    Abandonment in place is not the best solution for most old oil tanks. A professional has the technical know-how to decipher if the oil tank has deteriorated beyond repair. They can recommend the best course of action for your job.
  • They are Authorized to Do the Job.
    Since the government understands the threat improper tank removal could pose to the environment, strict laws and regulations are imposed to ensure that only trained professionals handle the task. If those laws are broken, it attracts a penalty. With professionals, you don’t have to worry about government litigation, since they are licensed to do it.
  • Reduced Possibilities of Damages 
    Professionals are educated enough to know that oil tank removal should be handled with the utmost care, and as such, observe the right safety measures during the operation.
  • Saves Cost
    With the professionals at Greentrax, Inc., existing tanks are dealt with in a proper manner whether they are aboveground OR underground. We will also make the best recommendation for a new tank installation. Since there are many different sizes and warranty options, as well as sitting the best location for the new tank to be placed.

Are you looking around for a reliable oil tank removal company in Anne Arundel County? Search no more because we have got you covered!

We understand what the job demands, and as such, we have the best hands with a wealth of experience to keep you rest assured. Regardless of the job – tank removal, repair, inspection – we have the expertise to handle it effectively and efficiently.

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