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Oil Tank Removal in Potomac, MD

Potomac River

Humble Beginnings of Potomac, MD

Potomac is one of Maryland’s most beautiful cities. Originally, the city was known as Offutt’s Crossroads after its first settler, Edward Offutt. With only a meager 600-acre area, or less than one square mile, Offutt was granted the land by Lord Baltimore in the early 1700s. Throughout the century, Offutt, as well as other settlers, cultivated and grew the land. It remained a small rural community used by farmers and travelers until the middle of the 1800s.


By the time the civil war had swept through Maryland, the community had grown to include a blacksmith, a post office, two general stores, and over 100 residents. In 1881, the postal service charged Offutt’s Crossroads with coming up with a shorter name. John McDonald, an Irish immigrant and Civil War veteran, petitioned to have the area renamed after the River on which it sat, the Potomac.

Potomac, MD Today

Today, Potomac, MD spans over 26 square miles the home to over 45,000 people. It boasts being one of the most affluent cities in the country with the average home value hovering around $1,000,000, and the average household income around $250,000.

Potomac River

Things to Do

Potomac MD offers a peaceful getaway for its residents from the political and economic Mecca that is Washington DC. While the city is home to plenty of commerce, including restaurants, shopping malls and plazas, and local businesses, Potomac is dedicated to keeping itself quiet and exclusive.

However, this does not mean that outsiders are not welcome. Potomac is home to some of the areas more sought-after attractions. For the outdoorsy type, the Billy Goat Trail and the Great Falls of Maryland are awe inspiring fixtures of nature.

If you prefer to stay indoors or do some shopping, the Potomac Village Shopping Center and the Westfield Montgomery Mall should do the trick. They offer an upscale shopping and dining experience with all of the stores you know and love. Plus, there are plenty of small, local shops and eateries to visit while you’re in town.  

Oil Heating Tanks in Potomac, MD

What does all of this have to do with oil tanks? Well, GreenTRAX, over our many years in the heating oil tank industry, has removed and installed dozens and dozens of heating oil tanks in Potomac. Both underground & aboveground

removing oil tank underground

While most residential underground heating oil tanks range in size from 275 gallon up to a 1,000 gallon. The most common size in Potomac, MD is a 1,000 gallon. It would also not be uncommon to find underground tanks in this area to have other complications.

Potomac Oil Tank Complications

One of the main problems we see with Potomac oil tanks is they may have an electric line over top or close to the tank. This causes deterioration faster due to the electrolysis below ground. It will eat up the metal faster and cause the tank to leak.

Another issue we see is when tanks have water lines or cable lines too close to the tank, or if there is also natural gas on the property the gas line is too close to the tank. Although these factors may make the tank harder to remove, GreenTRAX can still usually remove the tank from the ground. If not, we can perform an abandonment in-place. However this is more expensive than a tank removal. 

One important thing to keep in mind: if your tank is no longer being used, then by MD law, the tank has to be removed or abandoned by a licensed tank contractor (that’s us!). If you stop using the tank, you cannot just leave it there. So if you get a new aboveground tank, switch to electric, propane heat, or other source, you should call GreenTRAX and have us remove the buried oil tank from your home in Potomac, MD. We service most of the State of Maryland. Three of our biggest areas for tanks are located in Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore County

Moving to Potomac, MD?

If you are in the process of selling your house, have us remove the buried tank immediately. If you can, do not wait until just before settlement.  You will have to remove and replace it with another aboveground tank or other source of heat. The simplest thing is to put another tank in aboveground so you do not also have to get a new furnace, like you do if you switch to a new heat source. And, NO, you do NOT need a 1000 gallon aboveground tank. Most people even with a 1000 gallon buried tank, get a new 275 gallon aboveground heating oil tank. Or if you want a larger tank you have the option of 330 gallon, 400 gallon, or 500 gallon. 

A new tank can be installed outside the house where they are easily hidden with, plants, bushes, lattice or a small fence if you do not want to see it. The tank can also be installed in the basement or garage. 

GreenTRAX and Oil Heating Tanks in Potomac, MD

GreenTRAX will take care of it all for you. We will remove the old tank, transfer the good usable oil to the new tank, set your new tank up, connect it with a new copper line to the furnace or boiler, install a new filter and get you back up and running within a few hours. So you will not be without heat or hot water for very long. During the underground tank removal or abandonment in place we will test the soil onsite that day, so we will be able to tell you onsite if the tank has leaked or not. We will also send the soil to the lab for analysis and you will get a closure report that includes all of the documents you need. So if/when you sell the house you can prove it was done properly. 

GreenTRAX makes the process of getting a tank removal & install very easy, we use a rapid-quote system when appropriate so you can text us pictures of the UST and we can get you a quote within minutes or hours, NOT days or weeks. We do not need you to take off work in order to meet us. We can explain everything we need to over the phone and can send you proposals for a tank removal/abandonment or installation inside or outside. GreenTRAX are THE residential heating oil tank removal & installation experts in Maryland. Don’t trust your tank job to anyone but the best, Call GreenTRAX, Inc, today 410-439-1085.

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is cancelling the reimbursement fund for homeowners with leaking heating oil tanks!

This cancellation takes effect June 30th, 2024. You need to have your buried oil tank removed NOW, so if the tank is leaking you can get reimbursed for remediation costs before the program goes away. Click here for more information on the reimbursement fund as it operates now.

We urge everyone to contact their representatives in Annapolis and the Governors office and tell them DO NOT cancel the homeowner reimbursement fund for leaking residential oil tanks! They can still renew this program before this year’s legislative session ends.

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