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What Homeowners Need To Know About Oil Tanks in Laurel, Maryland

Oil Tanks in Laurel

Laurel, Maryland is a unique city. Just how unique, you ask? It spans four different counties, while also encompassing the City of Laurel as well.  Yep! Parts of Laurel are in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, and even Montgomery county. 

So whether you are in Laurel, the city of Laurel,  North Laurel, West Laurel, or South Laurel, we are talking all about your hometown today. Why is that? Well, you know we here at GreenTrax can’t resist sharing insights about heating oil tanks, and Laurel happens to have all the types of heating oil tanks that we encounter.

While not all communities in this area have heating oil tanks, there are many that do. These range from old buried heating oil tanks and tanks outside to tanks in the basement, oil tanks located in a garage, under decks or porches, under houses, and yes, even in crawl spaces. 

A Quick Note About Buried Heating Oil Tanks in Laurel Maryland

We will focus most today on AST’s (Aboveground Heating oil Storage Tanks). But first, a quick note on buried heating oil tanks, which you can check some of our other blogs for more detailed information. Quickly, though, here’s an important thing to keep in mind if you still have a tank in the ground. We can guarantee you it is older than its lifespan of 20 years and needs to be removed or abandoned in place. 

If we remove the tank, we will dig it up, clean the tank, check the soil below the tank, take soil samples, backfill the hole, surround it with seed and straw, then provide a closure report of the entire process to you.  

If we abandon the tank in place (legally), we will dig to the top of the tank, cut the tank open and clean it, get inside and cut a hole in the bottom and check the soil below the tank and sample that soil also for lab testing. 

If onsite tests show it is clean and not leaking, we will fill the tank in place with an inert material such as sand, gravel, stone, or slurry. Then we backfill the hole once sample test results come back from the lab. 

We will then again put a closure packet together to show the entire process was completed legally. You as the homeowner cannot do this process by yourself and you cannot have your friend do this, because you will not be able to thoroughly clean the tank out by yourself and test the soil properly. So, it is imperative anything to deal with a buried tank be done by a licensed tank removal contractor (like yours truly at GreenTrax, Inc.).

When To Replace Aboveground Storage Tanks in Laurel Maryland

Now, let’s get back to Laurel and their aboveground storage tanks. Another thing that’s unique about Laurel is there are a few communities that were built with heating oil tanks in the crawlspace. 

These tanks were not installed properly and most are sitting on cinder blocks instead of tank legs. The tanks are of the 275-gallon size and the horizontal variety, meaning they are laying flat on their belly. 

Because they are literally in a crawlspace you have to get in on your hands and knees. As you might guess with such a tight fit, there is NOT room to put the same size tank back in the crawlspace per code. 

Typically the tanks in these cases have to be downsized from a 275-gallon size to a 240-gallon size. These spaces are tight to fit in a new tank but these will work and GreenTrax has done many of these replacements. 

We have also seen tanks under decks and porches that have had to be cut in pieces to be removed. It’s best to replace them with basic, easily accessible tanks outside the home that can be swapped out with a new tank in the future with ease. 

GreenTrax has performed work on houses with tanks in the garage and also in the basement. Sometimes these tanks in these other locations can be swapped out with a new “like kind” tank in the same spot, but other times they have to be relocated. 

GreenTrax has even seen tanks located under people’s houses, sunrooms, and patios. In these cases, it’s important for you to know that if the tank is more than 10% in the ground, it’s considered by the MDE to be a buried tank and has to be dealt with properly. 

You need to know that it is against the code to abandon or fill the tank in place through the fill pipe. Period.  

In order to legally deal with the old tank the tank has to be cleaned out before it is filled. The only way to do that is to break up a part of the floor or patio or covering over the top of the tank to dig down by hand to get to the tank. 

Replace Your Heating Oil Tank With One Of These New Models

Once GreenTrax has dealt with your old tank – wherever that may be – we can proceed to install your new tank. We can offer you various tank options. 

For small spaces or backup heat, we can offer 120 or 138 gallon tanks. Slightly larger would be a 220- or 240-gallon tank. These would all be vertical tanks, or standing upright. 

From there, we go to the standard tank – the most common size in the industry – a 275-gallon tank. The next size up is a 330-gallon tank. All these tanks listed are made by Granby and come with a 1 to 3-year basic warranty. Again, these are vertical tanks. 

We can also get horizontal or flat tanks in the 240-gallon, 275-gallon or 330-gallon size. Granby also offers a couple size tanks with a 20, 25 or 30 year warranty. There are also options for tanks with double bottom layers of steel and special coatings to last longer. 

Next, GreenTrax also installs ROTH tanks, which go from 110-gallon size, to 165 gallons, 275 gallons or 400 gallons. All these tanks are double walled and come with a 30-year manufacturers warranty along with $2 million dollars of leak insurance from the manufacturer. 

Let GreenTrax Help Replace Your Laurel Maryland Oil Tank Today

So you see, GreenTrax can handle any tank situation you have at your property, as we are the residential tank removal and tank installation experts. We will complete your job properly and efficiently. Call us today for a free no hassle same day quote at (410) 439-1085, or send us a message through our website.

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