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What To Know About Oil Tanks In Dayton, MD

Good day to all my blog readers of the world. Today we’re going to highlight another interesting place in the great state of Maryland: Dayton, MD.

Located in Howard County just off MD Rt. 32 and near Ten Oaks Rd., Dayton is a small place with big tanks. Yep, sometimes you can even find large buried oil tanks in this area of the 1,000-gallon size variety. But we’ll circle back to that. 

First, I mentioned Dayton is a small place. Well, it has a population of just over 2,000 people. The size of Dayton is also small sitting at just around 6 – 7 square miles. It is one of the wealthier ZIP codes in Maryland with the median home value being high and the homes are also generally larger in size. 

The Dayton ZIP Code is 21036 and its area codes are 240 and 301. I mentioned the houses were larger, and  the lands around these houses are also generally larger lots, meaning Dayton is a more rural area. For the purposes of our talk, rural means lack of public heating fuel supply like natural gas. That means buried and aboveground heating oil tanks were and still are very common in this area. 

The majority of homes in this city were built between 1940 and 1989. Any buried oil tank (AKA UST, or Underground Storage Tank) is much older than its useful lifespan and needs to be removed sooner rather than later. 

The Surprising Truth About The Age of Oil Tanks In Dayton, MD

Oil tanks will generally last about 20 years, and given that most buried tanks are older than that makes them more susceptible to leakage. After all, they are just uncoated steel objects put in the dirt decades ago. At this point, they have been rusting, corroding, and degrading for many, many years. Despite popular belief, a homeowner will never know they have a leak just by the oil usage. Plus, do not expect the oil delivery company to tell you that you have a leak because they will not know either. 

The truth is that there is no definitive way to tell you have a leaking tank. Sure, you can have the soil tested, but that’s really a waste of money at this point since the tank is so old a soil test is no longer 100% reliable and accurate to tell you if the bottom of the tank is leaking, as the oil usually goes straight down into the ground. 

I mentioned before about 1,000-gallon size oil tanks, yes, so while a 550-gallon size is the most common, we also find in larger older homes – especially if they were built in the 1970’s era – had the larger 1,000-gallon tanks installed. However, we do occasionally find the smaller variety 275- or 300-gallon tank in Dayton, MD as well. 

Now, if you have an above ground heating oil storage tank (AKA AST), maybe outside or in the basement, the most common size you’re likely to find is a 275-gallon tank. For those homes that desire or need a larger capacity, we also install 330-gallon and 400-gallon size tanks. Plus, we always have the option of installing two or three tanks at the same house. This is especially useful if you have more than 1 furnace or boiler.

What To Know About Selling A Property With A Underground Storage Tank in Dayton, MD

Some important information to note: if you are selling a property with a UST, buying a property with a UST, and/or you are the real estate agent for either party, you need to know the buried tank MUST be removed prior to closing. 

99% of the time this falls back to the seller to take care of. Why? Because the buyer’s lender, bank, or mortgage company can and should prevent the buyer from closing until the tank is removed and replaced. The home insurance company can do the same thing. 

Plus, if you are the buyer or the buyer’s agent, you do not want to be responsible for the UST removal after closing because if the tank has leaked, the additional cost can run several thousand dollars or more and that is not the new owner’s responsibility to deal with when they didn’t cause the leak. 

The current owner is responsible because they lived in the house longer and got the use of the oil heat and it’s mainly due to age that the tank is leaking. 

How GreenTrax Helps Remove Underground Oil Tanks

When you call GreenTrax, Inc. (410-439-1085) you can rest assured you are getting the best residential tank remover in Maryland and that we will handle everything for you and walk you through the entire process. 

The tank replacement process typically only takes a few hours or less to complete onsite and we can install a new aboveground tank the same day so that way you will be back with heat in just a few hours. Plus, the good usable oil from the old tank can be transferred to your new tank if you wish so you don’t lose that oil you paid for. 

We can offer you new tank options ranging from basic tanks with a 1-year warranty to upgraded double bottom and double walled tanks with 25- or 30-year warranties. The new tank can be installed outside, in the garage, in a shed, or in the unfinished part of the basement. We will install a new copper oil supply line to the burner and install a new oil filter at the burner as well. 

If the UST has leaked, we can take care of removing the contaminated soil and then hauling that away later, filling the hole in with clean fill dirt, taking all required soil samples, as well as spreading grass seed and straw over the area. 

We then provide you with all the necessary documents to show that the tank removal was done legally and properly. Also, if your tank leaked, we will take care of the paperwork for you for the state reimbursement fund to help get you all or some of your money back from the state. 

One last thing: you may be seeing online about filling the tank in place, and yes, that is an option we can perform if the site requires it. 

However, it is more expensive to fill the tank in place (if it’s done legally) and if we find during the abandonment process the tank has leaked then it has to be removed anyway. All that is to say it’s usually better for everyone just to get the tank removed in the first place. 

Call GreenTrax Today For Help Removing Your UST in Dayton, MD

As I wrap up today’s post, I want to say that we’ve only touched the surface, both on oil tanks in Dayton, MD, but also on oil tanks in Maryland in general. We don’t have the space here to get into great depths of all the options and things that come up or can happen, so call us to discuss any questions and we can explain the process to you. 

You can reach GreenTRAX at (410) 439-1085, or by filling out this form here to send us a message.

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